CCR Logistics Systems RO S.R.L.
reverse logistics solutions, recycling, waste disposal


CCR has a proven and innovative competency profile tailored on reverse logistics solutions for recycling and waste disposal.

Solutions Development – Innovative concepts are our strength. Together with our customers, we develop individual custom-tailored solutions and also support these in their implementation.

Expertise – We listen and understand our customers. As a strategic partner, we create competitive advantages by implementing innovative and cost-efficient return solutions. By continuously improving our services, we enhance customer satisfaction and increase end-customer loyalty, realizing additional revenue potential for our customers. We ensure smooth and reliable processes, legal compliance and environmentally sound operations.

Flexibility – Our individually tailored, innovative return solutions create sustainable value. We turn challenges into competitive advantages that allow our customers to stand out in their markets. Our solutions optimize the recovery of valuable materials.

Technology development – All our processes are designed to perfectly meet with the expectations of internal and external customers, and we improve them constantly. We create transparent, smooth running workflows across the whole reverse chain, resulting in effectiveness and efficiency.

Internationality – We offer cross-national solutions from a single source. Our customers benefit from a uniformly high service level in all countries as well as from our professional International Regulatory Compliance Management

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Take advantage of Reverse Logistics Group's expertise:

Project management:

Project management:

A centralized project management organization and methodology ensure that we manage projects comprehensively and deliver on time and on target. By implementing an integrated system at European/ international level, CCR ensures quickly implementation and proper management of your projects. Learn more >

Process management:

Process management:

We elaborated a precise process management method that kicks in as early as the sales process and continues through the work instructions of operators and drivers in the field. Learn more >


Sustainability enabling

Sustainability enabling:

With our integrated approach to reverse chain and recycling, various facets of compliance and sustainability become a genuine and mandatory asset. Learn more >

Resources management

Resources management:

A careful treatment of resources is the key to achieving our overall goal “Return-to-value.” We ensure a careful collection and efficient handling of returns and recyclables to optimize their value output. Learn more >