CCR Logistics Systems RO S.R.L.


2013: Introduction of handheld terminals to document pickups in real time (P3 – “Paperless Pickup Process”)

2011: Merger of CCR Deutschland AG with CCR Logistics Systems AG, appointment of Patrick Wiedemann as CEO of RLG and of CCR Logistics Systems AG

2010: Appointment of Patrick Wiedemann as managing director for finance at RLG and as CFO of CCR Logistics Systems AG

2009: CCR REBAT is approved as a proprietary return system on the basis of the new German Batteries Act (BattG).
Company founder and longstanding board member Achim Winter switches from the operating business to the Supervisory Board

2008: International expansion: Founding of CCR Logistics Systems RO S.R.L. in Romania.
CCR RELECTRA starts operations in Italy. CCR establishes its own end-of-life electrical appliances company in Poland (CCR RELECTRA).
CCR takes over existing return systems for end-of-life electrical appliances and batteries in Hungary (CCR RELECTRA)

2007: RLG becomes majority shareholder in CCR Logistics Systems AG.
CCR acquires 100% of shares in C Clearing GmbH

2006: Launch of clearing can deposit system.
Launch of the return system for end-of-life electrical appliances in Germany (CCR RELECTRA)

2005: Commissioned by Volkswagen to handle warranty parts management.
Founding of C Clearing GmbH (can deposit system).
Establishment of the OLAV system for returning and recycling old lights

2003: Introduction of the web-based order management system CCR NET, which was developed in-house.
Operation of nationwide return and clearing system for single-use containers subject to a deposit.

2001: Consultancy and software development are split off into separate business divisions.

2000: CCR Components Recycling GmbH is renamed into CCR Services AG.

1999: Entry into the market for construction site management.

1998: Founding of CCR Logistics Systems AG and of the German national subsidiary

1997: Market leader in the field of brand-related automobile repair shop waste disposal

1996: Founding of CCR Entsorgergemeinschaft e.V..
Certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9002 and DIN EN ISO 14001

1995: Takeover of waste disposal for BMW dealerships and repair shops throughout Germany

1993: Launch of the operational business with 40 CCR CENTERS in Germany

1992: Development of the CCR retrologistics system

1991: Founding of CCR Car Components Recycling GmbH in Munich