CCR Logistics Systems RO S.R.L.
Collective solutions

Collective solutions


CCR Logistics Systems RO SRL is a WEEE collective organisation, licensed under the Ministry of Environment (operating licence RO-ANPM-DEEE-005/2008/2011/2013).

Our company is licensed for taking producer's liability in order to fulfil the environmental obligations resulting from the provisions of the Governmental Decision no. 1037/2010 on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE, as well as reporting the data to the competent authorities. 

Advantages of adhering to the CCR WEEE system:

  • Taking over the entire liability regarding reaching the annual objectives of collecting, reusing, recycling and recovery of the WEEE, including annually reporting data to NEPA
  • License for all the EEE categories, including lighting equipment (according to G.D. no. 1037/2010);
  • Safety and confidentiality of data by means of the online CCR NET system; no other producer / importer of EEE has access to the company information;
  • Guaranteeing reaching the collecting/ recycling quota;
  • Free-of-charge legal counselling in the field of environmental protection for CCR members.

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CCR REBAT Romania takes producers / importers liability to accomplish legal obligations for B&A waste (operating licence RO-B&A-004/2012).

CCR REBAT offers the following services:

  • Legal advice for producers / importers for registration to the competent authorities (NEPA)
  • Quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Container management and providing collection points with adequate battery containers
  • Contracting and coordinating transport / recovery / recycling services
  • Setting up of additional collection points at importers
  • Complete logistics chain from collection point to final destination (recycling facility)
  • Access to the reporting system CCR NET REBAT
  • Organize information campaigns for end-user

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