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Environmental compliance management (ECM)

Environmental compliance management (ECM)

To comply with expanded producers responsibility and socio-political corporate responsibility, CCR has set up environmental compliance management (ECM).

environmental compliance management (ECM), environmental reporting requirements

84 laws in 28 EU countries alone – there are no uniform regulations governing the fulfilment of the producer’s responsibility. How accurately do you know the quantities you have put on the market? Are you aware of which product data you have to report to which authorities and when? Do you have the right return system for each notifiable product? Do you use the potential offered by own returns for relieving the burdens placed on you? How high are your compliance costs really?

We have a great experience in dealing with the complex legal situation and will be happy to support you in all or specific areas when it comes to fulfilling your environmental reporting requirements.

environmental compliance management (ECM), environmental reporting requirements

For companies that operate in several European countries, CCR offers guaranteed fulfilment of the legal requirements with regard to recycling and the disposal of end-of-life electrical and electronic appliances, batteries and packaging form a single source. Our services include central purchasing from the respective national system operators, their controlling and monitoring as well as central reporting. This service is ideal for all internationally operating companies with centralised compliance or environmental management. 

environmental compliance management (ECM), environmental reporting requirements, environmental data management


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The benefits of outsourcing to CCR are obvious:

  • central purchasing
  • transparency throughout Europe
  • legal security and streamlined administrative processes.